The Best Internet April Fool’s Pranks of 2013

April 1st is a day of jokes, hoaxes and gullibility. It’s the perfect opportunity for brands and online services to fool their loyal followers, and we’ve put together a list of our favourite April Fool’s Day pranks of the year!


Google Maps Treasure Mode

 Google launched ‘Treasure Mode’ on its maps, asking millions of people to go searching for buried treasure. In a YouTube video (below), Google claimed that Street View’s ‘underwater team’ discovered a chest containing lost maps belonging to Captain Kidd, Scottish sailor and pirate, during an expedition to the Indian Ocean.


Google Nose

“The new scentsation in search”. Google certainly was busy this year, after announcing its latest (fictional) product, Google Nose BETA, which allows you to “search for smells”. How does it work? Well, it’s too complicated for us to explain! Watch the video and try and work it out for yourself!


Mars Curiosity Rover Quits Twitter

The Metro reported that the Mars rover Curiosity threatened to quit Twitter and destroy the Earth with a “Martian death ray”.

Metro Mars Curiosity Quits Twitter

The robotic rover also threatened to withhold evidence of life on Mars, and the Metro reported that NASA was “unable to comment as its servers were being overtaken by a radial beam of pure energy emanating from the Gale Crater.”

Thankfully, all concern was vanquished – the article (which you can read here) ends with “April Fool! In case there was any doubt, this is just a big joke from Metro on April Fools’ Day 2013…“. Phew!


In an April Fool’s blog, Twitter announced that it was shifting to a “two-tiered service” – all users were able to use Twitter’s basic service, “Twttr”, rendering you incapable of using vowels. For $5 a month, you’re upgraded to premium “Twitter”. You can read the full blog by clicking here.

YouTube is Shutting Down 8 Years

YouTube announced it will be shutting down after 8 years and will no longer accept video uploads. Check out the video below and see how many famous faces you recognise!

What would we do without YouTube? Thank goodness these are only pranks – the Internet would be chaos otherwise!

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