System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day, everyone! (It’s also our web designer Jack’s birthday today, but you can read about that here.)

Happy Computer

Today’s the international day for thanking those tech-nerds who keep our computers in shape! They keep our networks secure, our hardware functioning and our computing experience as easy as possible. They aren’t thanked enough for their hard work, so today’s the day to show your appreciation.

Here at Nexus, we pride ourselves on offering our clients IT support and repair services and system maintenance to ensure that their computers are running smoothly. We are a mere phone call away and are happy to help whenever they need us. If you’d be interested in our services, take a look around our website, and get in touch – you’ll find our contact details by clicking here.

If you’re at the office and have an IT department, make your sysadmin feel special – thank them, buy them lunch and appreciate that without them, we’d be in trouble!


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