Strange and funny things caught on camera by Google Street View

Google Street View launched in 2007 and it’s quite incredible. Grab your keyboard, type in a location you wish to visit and whoosh!… It appears right in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds.

Not only is Google Street View useful for searching an address or place, there’s also many peculiar activities which have been snapped by the Google photographers. We’ve done some searching and here’s a sneaky peak at some amusing images that will make you take a second look!

In Perth, Australia a toy penguin is caught on camera being pulled along by a penny-farthing bike!

Google Earth penguin on bike in Australia


Japanese Bird People

These people are wearing pigeon masks outside Mitaka Station in Musashino, Tokyo. If you wander past them and turn around you’ll be in for a surprise.

Google Earth Japanese Bird people


Check out these hungry seagulls in Brighton!

seagulls in brighton on google maps


Somebody wearing a horse mask strolling the streets of Italy… How would you feel if you bumped into Horseboy?


Horseboy Google Street View Italy

Over in China at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding are these adorable pandas relaxing and playing. Look how cute they are…

Pandas in China on Google street view

No they’re not zombies! This is actually a field filled with scarecrows. Well they certainly did a good job of creeping us out!

Scarecrows on Google Street View in Viitostie Kainuu

Meanwhile Google’s camera casually gatecrashed this fancy dress party in Scotland. Looks like they’re having fun…

Fancy dress party in Scotland Google Street View

Doctor Who fans will love this. Click here to check out the inside of Doctor Who’s Tardis!

Dr Who Tardis in London on Google Street View

There’s many humorous and fascinating snapshots of people and places on Google Street View. With the whole world to explore new findings are constantly being unveiled. If you’re seeking an adventure and some fun look no further and begin your search today with Google Street View!

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