Spotify account details leaked online?

It has been reported that hundreds of Spotify credentials have been posted online.

Did Spotify get hacked?

A spokesperson for Spotify told CNET “Spotify has not been hacked and our user records are secure” however Spotify users online are reporting their passwords have been changed, music is pausing as it does when someone else is in your account and even recently played songs aren’t ones they’ve listened to.

What can you do to protect yourself?

– Change your password

– Make sure you don’t use the same password across other online accounts you have whether it’s for your email, PayPal, bank or anything else

– If your passwords are the same for any other online services such as PayPal it is worth checking through your bank statement transactions for suspicious payments

Check our recent blog for more information about what to do if exposed to a leak 

Should I continue to use Spotify?

Spotify is a global music streaming service used by many on a daily basis. A quick password change will give you peace of mind your security is still in tact so that you can go back to listening to your favourite playlist.


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