Some Sonos devices soon to be outdated

Sonos has announced that from May, some of its older devices will no longer be issued with software updates.

There are four Sonos models sold between 2006 and 2015 which will be affected by this.

If you have newer Sonos products which are linked with older versions, unfortunately these too will be excluded from future updates. Without the updates they’ll eventually cease functioning.

As expected, there are many unhappy and annoyed Sonos users following this recent announcement.

Sonos equipment falls into the higher price bracket in comparison to entry level sound systems, and as many tend to add onto their Sonos system over the years, you may have spent hundreds of pounds (or more!) on your Sonos set up, which could soon be outdated. Understandably you’d be frustrated by hearing this news!

Sonos say the hardware has been “stretched to its technical limits in terms of memory and processing power.”

They’re offering affected customers a discount of 30% off a new device, in exchange for returning the old for recycling.

Many unimpressed Sonos users have fled to Twitter to tweet their frustrations.

A technology correspondent from the BBC has said it’s “very poor marketing and damaging for the brand.”

After the announcement was made Sonos’s share price dropped slightly.

Do you have a Sonos system? Are you concerned that you’ll be affected by this? Comment below to share your thoughts and concerns.

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