Social media ‘Sadfishing’ affecting children

Social media is at the fingertips of young children and teenagers and the impact it’s having on their mental health is catastrophic. Amongst depression, anxiety, cyber-bullying and loneliness there are other psychological impacts affecting children of this generation.

With the internet being so easily accessible from smartphones, laptops and tablets, children are surrounded by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The term ‘Sadfishing’ is where people who post their emotional problems online are accused of trying to attract attention.

Head teachers have reported that Sadfishing is a rising behaviour trend affecting many pupils. As a result of this, those suffering with real problems are often ignored.

A study which took place in 48 countries proposed schools in England had the highest rate of problems with online behaviour.

Out of the heads surveyed in England, it showed that 27% of head teachers had to deal with problems associated with online bullying on a weekly basis – in comparison to an international average of 3%.

Today, the internet, technology and social media play a huge part in the lives of youngsters. They are surrounded by tech which they are inseparable from as it has been embedded into their lives.

Social media is having a negative impact on people’s mental health. Society needs to be taught to use technology so that it helps us instead of damaging us.

What are your views on social media and the effects it has on users? Perhaps you have children or a teenager? If you have any thoughts or advice that you would like to share please comment below.

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