Smart Ways to Secure Your Home

While burglary or robbery movies feature criminals who triumph over the most complex and advanced security measures, in reality, many of us need security systems that are reliable enough even to beat the Ocean’s crew.

Fortunately, there are simple, smart ways to protect your home against intruders and burglars. In this post, we’ve rounded up some ways to secure your home.

Home Security Systems

There is much proof or testimony that home security systems do make a significant difference in stopping or impeding burglaries. Also, they can aid in preventing fire damage, water leaks plus some notify you to power outages.

Aside from the traditional security systems nowadays, you can purchase easy, DIY security systems that you can oversee and supervise yourself through video feeds and mobile phone applications.

Sometimes, these systems can be integrated with smart home assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, helping you build DIY security systems.

The following are some of the best home security systems available:

Vivint Home Security System

With 1.3 million customers in the U.S and Canada and their growing number of customers, it goes to show how reliable and dependable their security system is. If you choose a basic security system package from Vivint, you will receive an indoor camera, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a video doorbell, a smart lock, security sensors, and a smart hub. The smart hub is the centrepiece of every Vivint security system. It is a touch-screen device that links all of your smart home features, from your video doorbell to your cameras. From the smart hub, you can control the smart devices in your home. When compared to other security kits, Vivint has undoubtedly some perks to talk about.

Cove Security

With Cove Security, you will discover the basics and essentials you need for detecting burglars. This home security system stands out because of its $5 credit per month that you can use for any equipment purchases in the future, a lifetime warranty, and locked monitoring rates. Although Cove doesn’t provide any preset packages, you can directly create your own preset home security packages online.

Frontpoint Home Security

The company offers many monitoring services and security equipment with the benefit of installing it yourself and monthly contracts. Also, you’ll love their solid customer service and competitive pricing.

Simplisafe Home Security

Simplisafe is one of the many companies to offer DIY installation, monthly pricing, and video verification.

Secure Your Perimeter

Make all of your windows and doors as challenging and tough to break into as possible. While criminals prefer to penetrate homes through unlocked windows and doors, a lot of intruders can almost silently and quickly pry open locked doors and windows.

In fact, some tend to break a pane of glass so that they can stretch in and unlock the door or window. Only a few intruders break or hammer out glass panels to crawl or walk-through. Also, they often attempt to pick locks.

There are several steps you can take to secure your windows. However, it largely depends on your window type. Take double-hung windows as an example. You can secure them by screwing the two frames together.

Moreover, most burglars don’t like breaking glass, yet it still occurs frequently, enough to sustain the concern. Ultimately, your windows must have steel bars or unbreakable glazing glass panels across it.

Get Insurance

Think about including replacement-cost coverage to your insurance policy for your personal belongings. If criminals steal everything in your home, this coverage can help you save money than with standard coverage.

Additionally, if you have costly jewellery or appliances covered under standard policies at low limits, then think about getting policies for them as well.

Make Your Home Appear Occupied

Since most burglars attack when nobody’s home, ensure that your property always looks occupied. It is wise to keep up the appearance of your home. As such, leaving a TV and lights on undoubtedly helps. Also, if you plan to go away on holiday prevent packages and post from stockpiling.


Times have changed, burglars not only attack during the night. They also attack homes during the day. For this reason, it is crucial to secure your home more than ever. Fortunately, there are many preventive measures you can do to protect both your property and your family. Some come affordably, while others may come expensive. The ideas outlined in this article will undoubtedly help in securing your home against burglars and criminals. So, make sure to keep these things in mind.

Author’s Bio:
Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart home technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

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