Smart Phones to Smart Homes

A great many things have changed with our personal technology over the past ten years.  Slow computers that once connected over phone lines now link up with one another much faster and over Wi-Fi connections. Our mobile phones are no longer just a phone and a PDA. Many of them in use today have become smart giving us access to everything from movie tickets, online purchases and gaming downloads – all within a matter of minutes.

The next big move for smart technology may be the smart home. Western culture has already begun to trend in this direction. There are applications on smart phones now that allow a person to program their favorite TV shows while watching a movie at the local theater. In some of the more lavish properties, the owners can go as far as to program their alarm systems, or check their garage doors and door locks from afar. These luxuries may have been reserved for the wealthy, but soon will be available to all.

Recent developments in this area of technology suggest that not only will these applications be made more available to the masses, but also at more affordable rates. The widespread use of more wireless and interconnected devices will allow for this interaction while driving down costs through the use of technology that we already own. For example, modern media bundling packages from companies such as Comcast and Verizon are moving in this direction. With their affordable means of obtaining nearly all of your media and communication needs in one contract, it’s only a matter of time before your entire home becomes a bundle at a reasonable fee.

Some of the suggested applications to expect in your home of the future might be: the ability to turn on your oven over Wi-Fi, change the temperature in your home via your smart phone, turn on the lights or even reprogram your refrigerator. Developers suggest that low-cost sensors will be the next wave of technology in smart appliances and homes that will allow for this Wi-Fi interaction.  No need to be concerned about having to have these items requested at the time of your home’s construction. The buyer will simply be able to purchase the individual sensors and have them professionally installed if your appliance doesn’t already come equipped with one.

For many consumers, this type of home has been little more than science fiction. As fast as technology is developing today, it’s a matter of time before this becomes a reality within the grasp of the mainstream public.

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