Slow computer performance & what does defrag do?

Many users experience slow performance, some of the reasons for slow performance could be that there is a lack of maintenance, there is fragmented data which means data is scattered over the hard drive in bits and many unnecessary programs are running. One of the main methods of overcoming a slow performing PC is to defrag your hard drive, this means rearranging the files stored in a collection so when opening up an application it will respond faster.

To run a defrag right click on your hard drive in my computer then left click properties and open the tools tab – inside here you can press the defrag button and leave your machine running a defrag!

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I have postponed defragging for a long time because of the problems I ran into trying to schedule the task and have it complete. With no visual display in the latest defrag program of Windows as there was in XP its very difficult to find the progress and how much is left. Not to mention the slow speed of the defragger. I think though not free, some of the commercial utilities which can be set to run in the background and defrag truly automatically may be a permanent solution that will not need time and effort for this task.


We have found the inbuilt vista defrag with the schedule task feature works very well but you can run into problems with user account control on. We tend to run defrag over night but I completely agree the time scale and progress part of the tool is not feature rich.


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