5 Simple Tips To Speed Up Your PC & Boost Its Performance For Free

Nothing is more annoying than waiting half an hour on your computer to load up and then struggle to browse the internet without having to wait five minutes every time you click on a link. For most people it can be difficult to maintain a healthy PC and prevent it from losing its high performance. However it’s much easier than you might think and it will definitely make your internet experience much more enjoyable. Here are five simple tips to help speed up your PC and boost its performance.

1. Download Anti-Virus Software

This might seem obvious, however there are still far too many people out there who don’t have any anti-virus software on their PC. With anti-virus software you can prevent any virus attacks on your computer, stop hackers gaining your personal information and block any Trojans. There are lots of different viruses out there that complete different tasks so with a good anti-virus software you can prevent them from harming your PC and slowing down your system. Download AVG now to remove any viruses you may already have and this should speed up your PC. Remember free anti-virus only offers basic protection so ensure you purchase a paid version of AVG for stronger security.

2. Download CCleaner

CCleaner is free software that basically scans through all the files on your system and cleans them for you. It will remove all the junk slowing down your system and delete all the temporary files that are no longer required. It’s a good way to boost performance as it tidies up your internet browsers by deleting the cache, removing temporary files, deleting history and clearing cookies. CCleaner also has a registry cleaner tool which cleans your registry boosting the overall speed of your PC. Make sure you allow the software to complete a full scan of your system and get rid of all the junk and you’ll notice a huge difference in speed. Your PC will load up faster and generally process commands faster.

3. Download AdCleaner

AdCleaner is a really effective piece of freeware that you can download to remove any annoying adware and malware on your PC. Generally your anti-virus software might not pick up on adware due to the fact that adware is not really harmful. It’s more annoying than anything else and can certainly slow down your PC. Sometimes you might just be surfing the internet and then all of a sudden a new tab opens up with an advert. AdCleaner will completely prevent this from happening and improve your performance. It also cleans your browsers so you don’t have any unnecessary extensions or tool-bars. AdCleaner is recommended by almost every I.T expert out there.

4. De-fragment Your PC

It’s a good idea to de-frag your PC every so often to ensure it is running at its optimum speed. Over time lots of files stored on your computer become fragmented slowing down your processing speed. A good piece of software to download for free is ToolWiz which has an exceptional de-frag tool. It’s one of the best you’ll find for free and certainly speeds up your PC. You’ll notice a good amount of data being deleted and for some people it could free up at least ten gigabytes of data which is quite a lot. ToolWiz also has other features purely focused on speeding up your PC and boosting performance. It has a registry cleaner feature and also has the ability to improve your start-up and re-booting speed. De-fragging your PC is incredibly simple, yet one of the best ways to speed up a slow PC.

5. Conduct A Full System Update

Your system might actually be needing an important update so it’s important that you scan for updates. You can do this easily on your desktop by searching for “updates”. There will be important updates and optional updates but it’s a good idea to just update everything to ensure you are up to speed. You may also need to upgrade to the latest version of Windows to improve performance. Those of you currently using Windows 8 should be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 so it’s recommended that you go ahead and update. Windows 10 contains lots of updates and enhancements so you’ve got nothing to lose.

If you follow these five tips and allow your PC to update you should notice a significant difference. After allowing the software time to scan and clean your system make sure you restart your computer to finish all the updates. All of these tips are completely free and will make a huge difference to your online experience. If your PC is still running slower than you would like it to then you might need to delete files and free up space. This will also help speed things up so spend a little time clearing out your PC and you should notice a huge difference.

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