Scareware / Fake antivirus – what does it do?

Over the last few days we’ve had an increase in computers taken to our office after being infected with scareware software.

Scareware is software that attempts to scare the user into compliance, as by displaying false warnings of virus infection (Downloaded normally from a webpage that looks similar to your antivirus update window) then generally tries to take your bank details to clear off the viruses it says it has found.

Why Scareware is a problem?

1. Scareware is often used to start identity fraud by logging each key you type on your pc.

2. Spam sending is another trait to the software – this can be embarrassing but also we’ve had cases where the ISP has cut off the clients Internet.

3. Credit card usage – The software in some cases will ask to take your card details and charge you for their removal product!   

The software is not always detected and removed from your PC by your antivirus package – we would recommend anyone who believes they might have had scareware to call us direct for immediate advice on 01753884700.

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