Robots to tackle loneliness and make us happier

Social interaction is decreasing, affecting over two thirds of people in the UK alone. A study carried out for the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness found that younger people who use social media on a daily basis experience the most loneliness.

Back in 2014 AvatarMind was founded with an idea to design affordable and skilled human robots for anyone.

Social robot iPal has been designed to benefit numerous different people; the elderly, parents, children and even the retail sector.

iPal announced it would begin shipping in China this year followed later by a US launch.

The research team behind this creation have great knowledge in an array of technology including artificial intelligence, sensors and motion control.

Entertain and educate children

Children without siblings can interact with iPal by playing games, dancing and telling stories. Additionally it can help encourage physical activity.

Peace of mind for parents

iPal enables parents to check on their child’s wellbeing on a computer or smart device from another room or wherever they may be.

Parents can remotely take control of iPal.

How it can help the elderly

For those who are alone for long periods of time a robot can help remind you of important duties like taking medication. Not only is it useful but it can be like a companion and trigger alerts for emergencies for example if someone has a fall.

Greet customers and guests

Eventually retail and hotel sectors could really benefit by welcoming guests as they enter a hotel or customers as they walk into a store. This would help to provide an elite level of service.

iPal’s Core Features:

Height 3.5 ft / 107cm
Weight 28 pounds / 12.7kg
6 inch display
Microphone on body
4 wheels
5 touch sensors
5 ultrasound sensors
3 infrared sensors

The product is expected to retail between $1500 – $2000.

What are your thoughts on robots entering our homes? We welcome your feedback, you can leave us a comment below.

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