Review of Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Electronics giant Philips has released a fantastic new gadget for your home – Wireless Home Lighting.

This great piece of technology allows you to take full control of your lighting from an iPhone or iPad wherever you may be.

By simply downloading the Hue SmartPhone App your smart device instantly transforms into a controller which connects to the lights.

Whether you want to recreate a holiday memory or just sit back and relax, Hue allows you to transform any photograph into a paint palette. All you have to do is drag the ‘picker’ across your chosen photograph and find your perfect colour. Alternatively, you can select any colour from their in-built spectrum. Selecting this colour then changes the colour of the bulb, creating a perfect match.

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Do you sometimes find it hard to concentrate during the day? Well, with Hue there are unique “high quality bright white light” shades to help keep you focused, and in the evening there are also light recipes to help you wind down and relax.

This amazing device can fit perfectly into your every day life as you can set timers to help you wake up and go to sleep.

For us, the great thing about this device is the fact that you can manage your lighting whether you’re at home or not. You have the ability to set lights to come on at a specific time. This makes it beneficial for security purposes as you can create the illusion that someone is at home even when you’re not – perfect if you’re away on holiday or even just working late.

Another feature we’re really fond of is how you can connect it up with your Sonos System, meaning you can set the lighting to music and fully immerse yourself in your chosen atmosphere.

We highly recommend purchasing a Philips Hue Wireless Light. If you’re still not convinced, pop into our Gerrards Cross office for a demonstration!

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