Re-Timer – Amazing gadget to beat Jet Lag

Jetting off on holiday is an exciting experience for many. Some of us plan our dream getaway months in advance and then the countdown begins! For those flying long haul the thought of jet lag unfortunately doesn’t slip your mind. Once you arrive at your destination you’re in that happy holiday mode and want to make the most of the time you have, but if you’re suffering with jet lag it can take days for your body to adjust and waiting for that sleepy worn out feeling to shift can feel everlasting. Thankfully, inventors are now creating innovative gadgets which you can use either before, during or after flight.

Re-Timer Jet Lag glasses 

Re-Timer glasses

Re-Timer was launched in 2012 and is the perfect device for anyone from holiday travellers and shift-workers to business travellers and elite athletes. It’s the world’s number one selling wearable light therapy device and has been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Re-Timer is also used to help people change the times they sleep and wake and additionally those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This futuristic gadget costs £149.

Its features include:

  • Modern design
  • Portable & rechargeable
  • Blue / green light technology
  • 100% UV-free light (Independently tested for eye safety to international standards)

Re-Timer is scientifically proven to re-time your body clock. Its light therapy technology defeats your body’s melatonin production (the sleep hormone our bodies produce which makes us feel tired) to take control of when you sleep.

Causes of Jet Lag

Jet lag happens when your body has to adjust to a new light-dark schedule and usual daily routine after crossing several time zones. Your body clock (circadian rhythm) is out of synchronisation with the destination time and can’t adapt immediately. The main symptoms of jet lag are tiredness and sleep disruption.

Re-Timer helps prevent Jet Lag

The glasses have technology installed called ‘blue-green light’ which stimulates the brain to act as required to then promote sleep at the right time, depending on whether you’ve travelled east or west. By crossing through time zones it means you’re producing the hormone at the incorrect part of the day or night, resulting in your sleep patterns being unbalanced. Start wearing Re-Timer three days before your departure, for 30 minutes. This begins to adjust your body clock to the new time zone. Upon arrival, wear Re-Timer for 30 minutes a day for three days. If you’d like a personalised jet lag program simply enter your destination city, departure date and what times you normally wake and sleep into the Re-Timer calculator which is located on their website. It will then evaluate which periods you should wear the Re-Timer glasses for.

Travelling East and West

Symptoms of jet lag are usually more severe when travelling east. This could be because your body finds it easier to adapt to a longer day than a shorter one (you gain time travelling west and you lose time travelling east). Also it’s easier to postpone sleep for a few hours than trying to force yourself to sleep when you’re not ready.

Next time you’re going on a long haul flight why not try Re-Timer and let it help you defeat jet lag!

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