Quantum Stealth invisibility cloak could help the military

Harry Potter fans out there you’ve obviously heard of the invisibility cloak, but now a Canadian company has invented real-life invisibility material.

It has been named Quantum Stealth and has been developed by Guy Cramer, CEO of camouflage design company, Hyperstealth Biotechnology, who have been working alongside military groups to get it developed since 2010.

Hyperstealth are a successful company and already have patterns issued worldwide including several million military uniforms.

Quantum Stealth is a lightweight, inexpensive piece of invisible technology which requires no power source and has been compared to the thickness of paper!

How does it work?

Quantum Stealth disguises the target by bending light around the object. It distorts the background so you’re unable to distinguish what’s there and consequently the object positioned behind it is concealed.

The material removes your visual, infrared, ultraviolet, thermal spectrums and even shadows.

You can view the video here of how it works.

How will this technology be used?

The great advantage to Quantum Stealth is that it provides camouflage for all environments all year round.

The military could use this to hide their approach as they head towards the enemy. This could therefore enable them to complete missions during daylight instead of hiding their approach at night.

It could be used for those on foot, operating military vehicles, aircraft, ships and even submarines.

This amazing piece of material could be a huge benefit to the military and the technology will completely revolutionise the camouflage industry.

The Dangers

There are dangers to the product which Guy recognises and he’s stated on his website “It didn’t take long for me to anticipate the nightmare scenarios that this material could offer a rogue nation, a terrorist cell or even the criminal element.”

There is also the risk of the opponent being invisible too. Guy has made reassurances by saying they expect to provide strict controls on who they license to.

When will Quantum Stealth become available?

This patent-pending technology is expected to be released to the public in the coming months.

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