Cold Callers in Bucks Pretending To Be Microsoft

Last year in November we had many of our customers from Beaconsfield & Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire call us talking about a fraudster called Mike pretending to be from Microsoft:

”We’ve had many people call us recently regarding a call in which a person claiming to be calling from Microsoft requests to control your computer to remove a virus he has discovered.

The caller will try to direct you to a remote control website which will gain him access to your emails, documents and pictures. Then to complete the removal he requires your bank details to clean up the computer.

After some research we found this was a common problem across the area with DC Nadia Ali, from Harrow CID, saying: “We have had one similar report in recent weeks and are aware of other incidents reported across London.”

Nexus strongly recommend cleaning up your PC if you have allowed access to your machine from any cold caller as with Christmas around the corner many fraudsters will be targeting people shopping online.

For more advice on safe shopping and take a look at our shop safely online article on our blog to look at steps to prevent identity theft.”

After our report last year we saw many other newspapers and IT companies publish similar news. After police investigations and warnings we believed it was all over, but it sounds like the scammers are up to their old tricks.

If anyone calls you and asks you to visit a website we would strongly advise against it as this could put your data and computer at serious risk.

If you have allowed access to anyone for remote support please call us to secure & repair your computer!

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