PC, Apple and all hardware repairs

Are you living with a broken PC or Mac that’s giving you a breakdown?

If you’re trying to work while putting up with a hardware fault that would test the patience of a saint, there’s help at hand.

Nexus is a team of experienced computer engineers and advisers based in Gerrards Cross, Bucks. We’ve been trained by Apple, Microsoft and PC manufacturers to find, fix and repair even the most intractable of problems.
We’re certified, insured and reliable, check our testimonials.

Friendly and Helpful.

Fast turnarounds are our speciality. We can often fix niggly hardware faults while you wait. Impossible ones take an hour or two longer!

You can either bring your machine in to us (we’re in the centre of Gerrards Cross with easy parking nearby) or we’ll collect and drop-off when it’s fixed.

Repair prices start from £30. A nervous breakdown will cost you far more.

Nexus is your local connection to IT. Call 01753 884700 now.

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