Our computer re-install and upgrade checklist

When we re-install or upgrade a computer we always ensure you walk out with a working machine with all of your data and the nessasary software.

These are the steps on our checklist:

 Verify the system can be upgraded to the new software
 Backed up all the user data and get Microsoft Office key
 Verify the Data backup
 Run a full diagnostic of the system
 Begin the initial Installation of the software
 Verify the Install files and configure the software settings
 Download and install all of the official drivers
 Install software:​
o AVG Free anti-virus (Virus Protection) (PC only)
o Malware Bytes  (Spyware Protection) (PC only)
o Super anti-virus ( Virus, spyware and adware Protection) (PC only)
o Log me in ( Remote support software)
o Microsoft Office
 Transfer user data back on to the system
 Verify user data and email settings
 Run full system updates
 Run system diagnostic
 Connect to the Internet

If you need help re-installing your computer or require an upgrade, Nexus in Gerrards cross Buckinghamshire can help! Call us today on 01753 884700

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I am looking for someone that can upgrade my computer as I have the parts but I need someone to install a new motherboard I7 chip and memmory that is compatable with the I7 chip.

I have the parts and would like someone to do this for me at my home and over clock the chip when all this is done.

Please let me know on david@davidcaldwellonline.com

I live in Denham Uxbridge just off Oxford Road.


David Caldwell


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