Nexus Skydives for Charity – The Alexander Jansons Foundation

On Sunday 17th July 2016 Dan, Laura and Anna unleashed their adrenaline and jumped out of an aeroplane in aid of the Alexander Jansons Foundation (AJF). The trio have been raising money for the charity over the last few months and have been counting down to the big day! The amount raised so far is approximately £2000.

The charity was set up after the death of 18 year old Alexander Jansons who died from myocarditis in July 2013. The aim is to fund research into the causes, prevention and cures for myocarditis therefore saving lives in the future.

Originally, the scheduled date for the skydive was back in June. Everyone participating for AJF travelled to GoSkydive in Salisbury early morning on Sunday 26th June. The entire group arrived and news was broken that due to poor visibility and weather conditions all jumps were postponed until further notice. The team were told to wait around so that the weather conditions could be re-assessed.

After crossing their fingers and anxiously waiting in Salisbury for hours into the afternoon, it was confirmed that nobody would be allowed to jump. As you can imagine everyone was distraught and the disappointment kicked, especially after such an immense build up it was heartbreaking for all involved. Everyone headed home and a new date for the skydive was set – Sunday 17th July.

After participating last year Dan decided to set himself the challenge of jumping out even higher at 15,000 feet! Laura and Anna jumped for the first time at 10,000 feet. Speeds of around 125mph are reached during the fall!

Comments from the team after the jump:

Anna: “It was an out of body experience where it made the impossible, possible.”

Laura: “I have never felt so exhilarated in my life – if I can jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet in the air, I can accomplish anything! So happy to have done it, all for a fantastic cause!”

Dan: “Woah! What a rush. Proud of the girls for braving the jump and keeping me calm.”

Nexus is proud to be supporting a local charity and we feel it’s important to help fund research for myocarditis.

There’s still time to donate to our Just Giving page. Your support is widely appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has donated! Your support will go a long way and help save lives.


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