We fix IT issues @ accountancy&insolvency practice

The Supplier

Nexus IT Support is a MS and Apple certified technology services company. It provides hardware solutions and software support to homes and businesses in Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield. The company has 6 full time staff.


The Client

Phillips Insolvency and Russell Phillips (chartered accountants) are two arms of a successful partnership. In 1993 the Partnership was admitted to the prestigious UK200Group which seeks to maintain high standards and gives access to leading edge training.

It has served the Gerrards Cross business community for more than three decades and now numbers 16 staff and partners. Helen Phillips manages the insolvency practice while Jonathan Russell leads the accountancy team.


The Partnership runs a sophisticated IT environment with a variety of professional and standard software programs. These include accountancy, insolvency, payroll and internal accounting packages as well as Microsoft Exchange and Office suites. 16 PCs, 3 Servers and assorted printers, routers and other terminals complete the array.


The Problem

As the Partnership’s IT inventory grew, so did the technical problems. By 2011 they were suffering frequent IT outages that were affecting productivity. Helen Phillips comments, “We were having 2-3 crashes per month with 2 or 3 people affected each time. Our IT support company blamed our hardware supplier and vice versa. Everyone in the office was feeling the pain.”

The Solution.

Helen met Dan Turner, MD of Nexus IT Support, at a Rotary meeting. She asked him if Nexus could do any better than her current suppliers.


“At the time, Jonathan Russell wanted a system upgrade to allow roaming profiles. These would give us more flexibility,” comments Helen. “But our IT company didn’t want to help. They wanted to sell us a new system at a huge cost.”

Helen turned to Dan. He suggested a ‘mirroring’ solution instead which would cost far less. Better than that, the Nexus team offered to install the mirroring system over the course of two weekends. This meant that downtime would be negligible and the Partnership’s work could continue uninterrupted.

“We went with Nexus and they were as good as their word. All our IT speeded up afterwards and our staff were happier. Everything works better than before,” says Helen contentedly.

The Result

The Partnership has now signed an ongoing contract with Nexus for IT support. “Dan’s team are friendly and they come when they say they will. They know what they’re talking about and they take care of anything to do with IT. They have upgraded all our hardware and are now the first point of contact for any problems. That means we can get on with the work of serving our clients without fear of delay,” says Helen.

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