Nexus Case Study – The Chalfont Project


The Chalfont Project is a management consultancy with a team of five people based in High Wycombe, Bucks. Headed up by international speaker Dr Leandro Herrero the group specialise in helping big organisations to adapt to change.
Leandro knows a lot about getting senior managers to work in new ways. But when it comes to the IT equipment his own company uses, Leandro just wants it to work.

The Problem

The Chalfont Project runs a network with half a dozen laptops, a server hosting Microsoft Exchange and various routers and terminals. There are always minor problems to be attended to. But to Leandro, the real problem has been the absence of a reliable IT support company.

He says, “We’re not big enough to employ a permanent IT guy. We need someone we can call. I had tried at least four IT support companies in recent years. They fiddle with a PC and tell you, ‘It’ll work now’. But it doesn’t.”

The Solution

Then a friend referred Leandro to Nexus Consultancy in Gerrards Cross and office life suddenly changed for the better.

“When I call Dan’s office (Dan Turner, MD of Nexus) I get immediate action. They come straightaway and don’t finish till whatever was broken is working. It creates trust.” he comments delightedly.

The air fills with compliments as Leandro recounts Dan’s achievements. “He’s at the top of what he’s doing…the team’s the same…working hard…beyond the call of duty…always there…lots of admiration”. The list goes on.

He continues “We get all the usual hardware and software problems. Sometimes Dan Turner solves problems in person, sometimes it’s a team member. But the result is the same, the job gets done and the equipment works again.”

Nexus also supply and install hardware as well as fix it. “We don’t bother about going to Dell or buying printers any more,” says Leandro “We talk to Dan and he makes an offer to get the new equipment for us. His offer always makes sense. It takes me about 3 seconds to say ‘Yes’ to his proposal”.

The Result

“We have a tremendous sense of confidence and security about our infrastructure. Things will go wrong with I.T. as they always do, but we’re never stuck with a problem for long.” says Leandro emphatically.
He continues “When we take on a new team member the first person we call is Dan to get their laptop and everything sorted. It’s good for the growth of the business to know that Nexus are there.”

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