Nexus Case Study – Springbridge Direct


Springbridge is a supplier of topsoils, compost, sand and turf to commercial landscapers and homes. The business has grown dynamically by 50% in the last 12 months to £1.5m turnover and now has 11 full-time staff. During the rapid expansion, growing pains were felt in the company’s IT network which was struggling to cope with the demands placed on it.

The Problem

Springbridge’s growth was being hampered by a host of IT problems. The 6 office employees found their sales system was clunky, order processing was not robust, PCs broke down regularly and their IT supplier was unhelpful. Management were spending too much time fixing equipment and the business was suffering as a result.

The Solution

Tom Hawkins, Springbridge’s sales director, heard from a contact about Nexus IT Support. Tom called in Dan Turner, Nexus’ MD and asked him for help.

Dan began by immediately fixing small problems. He sorted out the anti-virus and made sure printers and scanners were working for everyone.

But Dan also recommended and implemented office solutions that were new to Springbridge. For instance Dan installed Google Apps for email which gave the Springbridge team visibility of each other’s workflow. It meant they could easily keep track of sales enquiries and order processing. Productivity rocketed.

When Tom decided to buy Sage’s accounting and stock control software, Nexus installed and set it up so that everyone had access to the right modules. Nexus staff liaise with Sage to deliver a comprehensive support service for the Sage software as well as the rest of the network.

Now whenever Springbridge have a problem, they contact Nexus who can immediately analyse it using secure remote access and then decide the best way to fix it.

In a recent case, an employee’s PC crashed early one morning rendering the employee unproductive. But within half an hour Bradley, another Nexus engineer, came to site and quickly installed another PC on to the network. The employee was productive again and a day’s work was saved.

The Result

• Tom Hawkins no longer worries about solving the company’s IT problems. His own sales productivity has skyrocketed – as seen by the results.
• Overall staff productivity has improved – the company handles increased sales with the same level of staff.
• Use of Google Apps – recommended and set up by Nexus – has smoothed workflow and boosted team working enormously.

“Dan is always thinking of ways to save us money, even while he’s fixing or improving our network”, says Tom. “Nexus is a great partner for Springbridge”.

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