Nexus Case Study – Nigel Morgan

Nigel Morgan has lived in Jordans village for many years and serves on several local committees. Retired, he relies heavily on the internet to keep in touch with family and friends in Japan and Canada. For Nigel, it’s very important that his PC is always available.

The Problem

Nigel has needed help with his PC on several occasions in the last few years. A software fail- ure 3 years ago crashed his machine. 18 months later, a motherboard burnt out. More re- cently another minor but tricky problem seemed to suggest that his software was counter- feit.

The Solution

On each occasion, Dan Turner of Nexus Consultancy came to the rescue. “Dan’s team will fix my machine remotely, if they can, or they’ll come and fix it at my home or take it away to their office. But they always fix it.” says Nigel, with gratitude.
Dan Turner is MD of Nexus and has built a team of 6 experienced staff around him. His engineers are certified for Windows, Macs, servers – even iPhones.
Nexus can supply hardware as well as fix it. When the motherboard failed, Nexus offered Nigel a choice of a repair or a new machine and gave objective advice on both options. He chose a new PC and hasn’t regretted his choice.
“I just need to place one call to Nexus and they put the right expert on the job quickly,” Nigel emphasises. “IT Support is a bit like Emergency Services. You may not need them for ages but when you do, the need is real and immediate. Nexus always respond fast.”

The Result

Nigel is not technical himself, but recognises how important technology is to his and other peoples’ lives. He says “There are three reasons why I recommend Nexus.
I’m comfortable with having them in my house.
They respect client confidentiality with personal documents and They’re professional, friendly and competent.I’m completely confident about the Nexus team and being looked after as a client.”

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