Natwest UK Computer Crash

So what’s happening?

On Tuesday night it was reported that some customers couldn’t withdraw money or make payments. The bank has made a statement online describing the problem as “strictly of a technical nature” and apologised for the “unacceptable inconvenience”.

No firm details have been made into what the cause is and if any data is missing. However the Financial Services Authority assured that NatWest would be liable for charges and interest as a result of the bank’s error.

With payday for many at the end of the month its worrying to think some people have no access to money to buy food or pay their bills. Natwest will be open this Sunday ready and available to answer any questions and help where they can.

When will it be fixed?

Fixing the problem with the IT system running will be a very challenging task and no comments have been made as to when this will be resolved.

How has it affected you?

Our use of technology is constantly growing and becoming increasingly important. We’d love to hear your comments.

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I have got to ask my employer not to pay my salary into my NatWest account. For some months now we have been able to withdraw cash from a NatWest or RBS cash point which is worrying.


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