Move from iPhoto to Aperture – Or switch back!

As requested – Here’s a quick guide for moving from iPhoto to Aperture:

  1. Open Aperture  with a new empty library.
  2. Choose iPhoto Library from the Import menu to import your entire library.
  3. Select in their current location to store files. With this option, Aperture won’t duplicate your photos in the Aperture library — it uses the ones you already have in iPhoto.
  4. Aperture creates a new folder named iPhoto Library and a subfolder named Events. The Events folder will contain your projects.
  5. After experimenting with Aperture features, you can delete the Aperture library and keep your images in iPhoto or Consolidate Masters for Library to move your masters and your work from iPhoto to Aperture.

If you chose to consolidate your masters, you can delete the iPhoto library once the consolidation is complete.

Enjoy! If you are having problems upgrading or downgrading from Aperture leave us a comment and we’ll give you some more advice!

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