Mind-Blowing New Gadget That Could Change The Way We Listen To Music

With festival season officially underway, millions will flock to venues across the UK to experience the buzz of listening to their favourite bands playing live.

The trade-off for this natural high is often long queues, torrential rain, mud-soaked fields, overpriced beer and having to face the dreaded toilet facilities. The Nexus gang loves a music festival but what if there was another way to experience the pleasure of listening to music without all the pain?

Well, a team of clever physicians in America may have invented a gadget that does just that. The Nervana device combines science and technology, allowing the user to ‘feel the music’ via a set of specially designed headphones.



Winner of the TechStars award for Lifestyle and Digital Health category at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show, Nervana sends an electrical wave through the ear canal to stimulate the body’s Vagus nerve, while syncing with music.

The electrical pulse, delivered via one of the headphones, helps trigger the release of serotonin and the ‘cuddle’ hormone oxytocin. By awakening the body’s feel-good messengers, listening to the latest Coldplay album will elicit a feeling similar to that of eating a whole bar of chocolate but with zero calorie intake.

One USA Today reporter claimed: “The resulting calm and focus that washed over me was profound. The feeling was intensely serene.”

The device has three customizable modes to choose from and allows the user to control the intensity level of the signal. The standard Music Mode synchronises with a user-selected music signal for a feel-good factor that is in tune with your iTunes.

Ambient Mode triggers the Nervana Generator’s internal microphone to pick up sounds from the environment, which means any music being played around the user will serve as the nerve stimulation sent through the ear buds. Or to experience that calming feeling without the music, Formula Mode has a pre-defined nerve stimulation signal pattern that can be selected.

Nervana Headphones


Nervana is portable and compatible with all music players, including an iPod or phone, so it can be used anywhere to help create your very own virtual Glastonbury, either on the way to work or from the comfort of your own home. And with a similar price tag to that of a weekend festival ticket, at around £200, this stress-busting gadget certainly seems to hit all the right notes.

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