Microsoft Windows Lesson Plan

Here is a basic plan of our Introduction to Microsoft Windows Lessons:

Lesson One

The Basics of Windows
In this lesson we will cover the basic functions that Windows has to offer its users and how to use some of its programs and features. We will also cover the basic of e-mails, including how to send emails and photos.

By the end of lesson one you will be able to use:
– Microsoft Word
– E-mails
– Paint
– Windows Media Player

Lesson Two

Devices and Windows
In lesson two we will start looking what devices you can use with your PC such as web cams, printers, music players and more. We will also cover more about Windows’ third party programs such as Skype.

By the end of lesson two you will be able to:
– connect printers, cameras and other devices
– Use advanced programs

Lesson Three

The Internet
In this lesson you will learn how to use the Internet, how to shop safely online and how to keep your self-protected whilst on there. We will also cover any other steps that you wish to know.

By the end of lesson three you will be able to:

– Use the internet
– Keep yourself safe whilst online
– How to shop online

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