Microsoft tablet launch: a look under the Surface

This week Microsoft announced the launch of a new product called Surface ( Also the name of a large touch-screen table they released a decade ago, Surface aims to bolster Microsoft’s disappointing share of the mobile market, and compete directly with the iPad.

Mirosoft Surface, the tablet with a keyboard!

Featuring an impressively-slim keyboard measuring 3mm, the Surface already stands out against its competitors, and aims to draw more customers away from traditional laptops. The keyboard is available in a range of contemporary colours, adding a touch of fun and style to this well-designed product.

With two versions in production, users will be able to choose between the Windows RT operating system, or the impressive Windows 8 Pro. Which means the pro Surface will essentially be a proper laptop – with a touch-screen.

Weighing in at just 676g, the smaller version is a clear rival to the iPad, and is a sleek 9.3mm thick.

iPad rival boasts USB and micro SD ports!
Both versions offer a full-size USB port, a micro SD port, and HD display slot, as well as 2×2 MIMO antennae for high-performance wireless connectivity. The inclusion of USB is an important feature for Microsoft, allowing users to connect to their external drives, printers and MP3 players.

With a camera on both the front and back, the Surface makes an excellent conferencing device. Video and audio is configured for optimum Skype performance, helping users to connect without a hitch.

Also boasting an intelligent screen, this device self-adjusts the display intensity depending on its environment, making the transition from outdoors to indoors a breeze.

A release date has yet to be announced, but with Windows 8 still only in preview edition, I think we can expect to see the autumn before this product hits the shelves.

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