Microsoft folding devices expected for release in 2020

Samsung recently launched their bendable smartphone and Huawei are soon to follow in their footsteps, however it seems Microsoft have taken a slightly different approach by revealing two ‘folding’ devices which are expected for release next year.

They have been named the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo. Panos Panay, chief product officer for Microsoft, has said his preference was for the products to have a hinge design that allows it to bend both ways.

The spilt screen design will allow users the flexibility to optimise and be productive.

Here’s what we know about the devices so far:

The Surface Neo

The Surface Neo will have two screens separated with a split down the middle. When opened the display will be 13”. There will also be the option of attaching a keyboard accessory to the Surface Neo so that it can be operated like a laptop.

The Surface Duo

The Surface Duo is the smaller of the two devices and will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and other foldable smartphones that are soon expected to reach the market. The Surface Duo is a smartphone which opens to 8.3” and will also have a split.

Both devices are still in the early stages of development and at present it’s unknown how much they are expected to cost.

Microsoft has encountered substantial success with their hardware so it will be interesting to see how consumers react when these two products reach the market. In 2012 they launched their Surface line and in the past financial year the Surface range accounted for over $5bn of Microsoft’s revenues, a tremendous increase of 40% in comparison to the previous year.

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