Love Your Computer !

When most people first get a new computer they spend more time with it and keep it up to date with weekly or daily maintenance. Over time some small problems begin to nag at us, sometimes hourly. Begging for some attention and TLC.

The more we are nagged, the more frustrated we feel. We let warnings and maintenance fall behind and then the less great the experience we have turning ON our computer and working on daily tasks together.

Throughout February Nexus in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire will be helping you fall back in love with your Apple Mac or Microsoft computer. Bring your machine to us and we will run all of the available up to date performance techniques to re-kindle and restore your computer to speed. Plus we’ll back up your mac or pc to your external drive or USB memory stick incase the worst was to happen all for just £80 !

So call our computer repair team today. We would love to help you 😉 on 01753 884700

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