Look After Your Computer!

You’ll never guess what happened at Nexus HQ last week? A literal computer meltdown! A customer called in to ask if we’d be able to take a look at her machine because her hard drive had overheated and caught fire!

Don’t let this happen! Over time, computers build up dust around heat-generating components inside of the machine, increasing the temperature.  Not only can this lead to overheating, it may even cause fire.

If you’re worried about dust build-up in your computer or laptop, we’d be more than happy to clean it up for you – our experienced technicians are always on hand. Give us a call now!

When we’re not dealing with flaming hard drives, we get a number of customers needing virus removals. One particular virus that’s emerging as a popular threat is the BT Mail Update:

BT Scam Email


Looks pretty genuine, right? Take a look at where it came from, though:

BT Scam Email


The From Name looks believable enough, but take a closer look at the From Address. We’re pretty sure BT employees don’t use AOL as their email provider. This is an automatic red flag.

Scams as convincing as this are exactly why it’s important to have good antivirus software. At Nexus, we recommend AVG. A free version is available, but for effective virus removal, the additional features of AVG’s paid version make it hard to beat. For more information on AVG and how it can benefit you, contact us now!

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