IT Scam In Slough School

Its been brought to our attention that staff members from a Slough school have recently been suspended after their alleged participation in a National IT scam.

A more detailed investigation has now taken place.

One of the School Governors, said: “The suspensions follow the school being part of a national IT scam, the details of which have been covered widely in the national press in recent months.”

IT Scams are becoming more and more common as computing has become part of everyday life for most. We recommend always keeping your machine up to date with the latest updates, anti virus software and anti scam / phishing software.

This way you can rest assured your personal information is kept safe from fraud.

Here are some free software packages that we would advise you to install and keep your system safe:

Rapport Anti Phishing Software
AVG Free Antivirus

It’s always best to have an expert look at your computer. If you would like to book a visit from Nexus to help you keep your system safe online please contact us on 01753 884700 Gerrards Cross or 01494 730120 Beaconsfield.

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