Laptop screen flickering and jumping around?

My laptop’s monitor on the right-hand side started to get jumpy and the colour is changing and mixing and jumping on the right side of it. If I move my laptop it gets worse, if I do not move my laptop for maybe half an hour I can use it but after half an hour it starts. From a few months ago it found one blue line 3cm in the middle of my laptop but it did not hurt me. I updated Java last week and it does not remove the problem. My main browser does not accept any address I give and I have to enter website addresses in Google’s bar menu. My major problem is half the right side of my laptop does jump and mix colours. Is that a graphic problem or virus or do I need to install new windows? How much would you charge me to fix the problem? Thank you.

Sounds like it’s a graphics card problem / could be a driver issue.

To start with I would download the latest drivers, check the connections on the screen & check the graphics card fan.

We don’t charge for the first 15mins on any job – and could provide a quote for you. We’re able to collect and drop off too 🙂

Give our office a call if your interested and need more advice!

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