My laptop is not charging properly, is this something you can look at?

Do you find yourself having to wiggle the end of your charger to simply get it to work with your laptop? Maybe your laptop is charging intermittently and you just can’t get your head around it? Well, the likely cause for these symptoms could be your DC jack (charging port). Nexus repairs DC jacks on lots of different types of machines, from laptops to Apple Macs. The charging port on an Apple Mac is known as a magsafe – something which we have also successfully repaired for some of our customers. Simply bring your machine into us (with the charger of course) and we’ll get it booked in to be looked at. Once we’ve taken a look and diagnosed we’ll then provide you with a quote. Its really that straightforward, so don’t let your charging problems go on for any longer, get it resolved with us.

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