IT Support and Maintenance

How important is it that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly all day, every day?

If you answered ‘not very’, that’s great.

But if you answered ‘I’d rather have a crocodile chew my arm for three hours than lose my network’ or something very close, then you need Nexus.

Nexus is a team of qualified, Microsoft and Apple engineers who love to look after computer networks and all the peripheral devices that hang off them. It’s what we’ve been trained for.

All kinds of businesses come to us.

We provide service contracts to support and maintain all kinds of office networks. We look after firms of accountants, lawyers and estate agents as well as car repairers and care homes.

Our job is to make sure your infrastructure doesn’t go down. But if it does, we’ll bring it back up and get you back to work fast. We can do that because we keep a record of all your hardware: servers, routers, PCs, Macs, printers and we know how to fix them or get hold of replacements quickly.

Nexus. A team of friendly, efficient engineers. Not crocodiles.

Call us now and ask us to quote for supporting your IT system.

Nexus. Your local connection to IT. 01753 884700.

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