iPad Business Users Choose Hunger and Losing a Parking Spot Over Not Traveling With Their Device

Apple iPad business users would rather suffer all the following indignities and travails rather than travel without their iPads:

* Be deprived of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* Exude body odor.

* Lose their parking spot at work.

* Be denied water in a desert.

If there was ever any doubt that Apple fanatics love their Apple iPads, that uncertainty should finally be dispelled with this latest survey of iPad aficionados. This survey of 1,320 iPad users by Brainshark, a mobile presentation company, found this single truth about iPad users: They consider the iPad tablet a critical and indispensable tool for business. Many say that the iPad has made them more productive and better at business.

Nearly half of the respondents said they’d prefer their iPad over a more distinguished and senior title or a larger and more esteemed office. Another 68 percent said that they would choose losing their parking spot rather than not have their iPad available. Nearly 25 percent said they want their iPad more than an extra week of vacation on a Rio beach.

As for work, 92 percent of users surveyed said that they use the iPad as a supplement to a notebook, while another 51 percent believe that the iPad will be their primary device for computing in two years.

Brainshark published a press release that said the iPad has changed the way people communicate in business. The device has entwined itself into individual’s lives and guides how people connect to each other. Companies are now actively exploring how to meet and interact with customers with these devices.

People who own the iPad use it in the following ways for business and at these percentages:

* Check emails – 82 percent.

* Deliver or look at presentations – 74 percent.

* Research the Web – 72 percent.

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