IoT Cyber Security Targets

In the world of the IoT (internet of things) there are many areas which are targets for cyber criminals. Vulnerabilities can be the gateway into a device or network and when sensitive information is at risk this poses an even bigger threat.

We have outlined some keys areas which are major security risks.

Cyber War – Cyberwarfare is possible with the use of technology to attack a country. The breakout of a cyber war could cause significant destruction.

Here are some examples of previous attacks associated with stealing information from government organisations:

  • US military computers were targeted in a cyber attack in 2008
  • Chinese hackers breached Google’s servers in 2009 gaining access to information such as spies and terrorists under surveillance by the US government.
  • Paris G20 Summit cyber attack
  • Iran allegedly conducted operation Newscaster and Cleaver
  • China attacked India in the Shadow Network attack

Medical – Hospitals and medical devices often lag behind when it comes to security. There have already been instances of ransomware attacks which have disrupted hospital networks. In 2017 the NHS was hit by ransomware.

More recently, a similar incident took place in the US where three hospitals in Alabama were forced to close their doors to new patients.

There is a frightening danger to life if hospitals fall victim to a serious cyber attack. Therefore it is essential that the foundation for cyber security is resilient in the medical sector.

Aviation – Aeroplanes can be hacked if there are vulnerabilities in the software or network. This could be catastrophic for a flight or airline and could even put the lives of passengers at risk.

Buildings – Buildings become more at risk as they become more connected with IoT and technology.

Cities – Cities who don’t participate in routine cyber security testing are likely to have weak security controls.

Power stations – Power is essential and if hacked it could demolish the infrastructure to a city and as a result affect civilians. If power is affected it would cause mass destruction. Power stations could also be a cyber war target.

Shops – Retailers pose a threat especially with the world of online shopping. Customer’s financial details could be exposed.

Cameras – Video cameras designed to enhance security can have their network hacked.

Transport – As cars and transport become more connected with technology so do new risks.

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