I think my computer has a Virus, what should I do?

If you believe your PC has been infected it’s really worth disconnecting your machine from the internet straight away. This in some cases will prevent any personal data being transferred to your attacker. Once your machine is offline it’s worth installing up to date full antivirus protection – we recommend AVG Internet Security ( We also offer discounts normally £20 cheaper than from AVG Direct) and then run your machine in safe mode by pressing F8 then start a full scan.

If your computer has popups such as “Antivirus 2010” asking for credit card details then your computer is infected with scare ware.
Scare ware scams wanting your credit card details are becoming very common and these programs can slow the computer down even if removed.

Some computer viruses and scare ware corrupt important system files so in many cases we would recommend a full reinstall. Taking your computer to your local PC Computer repair company for virus removal is strongly advised for a checkup before you reconnect to the Internet.

If you have a Virus Problem in Buckinghamshire Nexus is the place to go for your computer repairs – Our 15 minute PC checkup service is free. Call us at our Gerrards Cross office on 01753 884700

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