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i have a HP dv7, i live in chalfont st giles. the other day i was watching a movie on my laptop and the touch pad buttons began to blink and then they turned off and the screen went black, a bit of smoke came out the back of the laptop and it started to smell. now it does not turn on. just wondering if you would know how to fix it and how much it would cost. and if possible would you be able to save the data that is stored on there…photos etc.

Thank you for your inquiry, it sounds like the motherboard on your computer has burnt out. We can try data recovery to retrieve your files and investigate your computer to see whether we can fix the problem.

We need to see the computer and run some tests to be able to give you a quote.

Is it possible for you to bring your computer to our office in Gerrards Cross? We don’t charge to investigate.

Prices would start from £35.25 for component level repair but it’s impossible to give a quotation without seeing your machine really.
I’d hate to quote you too much as it could be something really simple. However a full replacement in a worst case scenario would not be economical – I would at this point really recommend you buy a new laptop as yours is going to be out of warranty anyway.
Feel free to call me at any time or if you would prefer we could always give you a quick assessment at home as you’re local?

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