How to Use Technology to Spell SALES

Today we’re bringing you a guest blog from James Harrison, a freelance writer who regularly contributes write-ups to business websites. His writing focuses on tips for small business setups, office relocation services and marketing techniques:

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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone seems to be in a hurry to be successful, in a hurry to garner profits and in a constant hurry to reduce work. In this generation of work-shirkers, the only possible way to reduce work and achieve more profits is to embrace technology. Unfortunately, most misguided marketers resort to the typically ‘old-school’ marketing tactics in the new, consumer-oriented business landscape.

Instead of being the ‘meanie’ and crafty entrepreneur, this is now the generation of the large-hearted, kind and considerate bunch of entrepreneurs who are well-aware of latest technological trends. Read along to know how to use technology in your favor, to augment your business to unprecedented levels:

Why embrace technology?

Marketing and sales revolves around identifying the customer’s needs and interests. With more and more consumers turning to the web for informative purposes et al. As marketers, it is essential to follow the paths taken by customers to practice their interests and avail the services or products they desire. Technology is the medium through which consumers and marketers can stay connected, and understand each other in the best possible manner.

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Use technology to spell SALES!

Yes, technology can now help you spell sales. Internet marketing is now the latest buzz in the marketing world. With increasing acquaintance about the different products and services available on the Internet, how can Internet marketing lag behind? Use Internet marketing in the form of social media marketing, content marketing, etc to give your small business the required branding it deserves.

Some additional ideas to build better clientele and better sales using Internet marketing have been discussed below:

1) Merge creativity into marketing

Idea Light BulbIf you’re planning to woo more customers and compel them to choose your offerings, make sure you use your creativity in the right manner. Use it to create great content and market it in the right manner.

2) Hit the mobile apps!

Mobile Apps

With growing amounts of gizmo-freaks and tech-savvy people, how can you leave out mobile apps? Some cool mobile apps to help you enhance your social media and Internet marketing skills have been given below:

A. Google currents– Find some innovative and cool ideas to promote your products or services in a different style to appease your trendy audiences.

B. Flipboard– Use this app to find the best content. You can also manage all your social networking sites easily using this app.

C. Postling– If you’ve thought of an excellent idea to reach your audiences and provide them with an informative post, consider using this app to immediately post your ideas directly to you blog.

D. Buffer App– This is an ultimate app that allows you to share content, videos, photographs or even update statuses easily.

Polish your social media marketing skills to stay connected with your audiences, and to keep updating your customers with various business developments. In case of business moves, product launches or attractive discounts; make sure your audiences remain updated about all your plans.

3) Interact more to create a loyal clientele!

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Merge your marketing skills with technology to leverage better customer base, brand recognition and increased sales. Make sure you ask for regular feedback and use it to improvise your reputation. Deal with negative comments patiently. Make use of technology to understand your audiences and consumers in a better manner.


Technology and marketing can merge together to form a deadly combination, which can take your business to another level of success. Use this combination to your advantage and get the best out of it! Use technology to forge everlasting and strong customer relationships.

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