How to upload GIFs to Twitter and Facebook in 3 simple steps

GIF stands for ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ and was developed in 1987 by software writer Steve Wilhite. A GIF is a quick animated picture which plays in circulation.

How to upload GIFs to Twitter and Facebook in 3 simple steps

They say a picture paints a thousand words. GIFs are a fun way to express how you’re feeling and are a way of jazzing something up instead of sending a standard message using plain text!

GIFs pack together an array of multiple images to create a short animation. Giphy ( allows GIFs up to 15 seconds long.

In recent years GIFs have become widely spread in the online world and are heavily used on social media and messaging. Businesses use GIFs as a marketing tool and as a fun way to engage with existing and potential customers.

Businesses have found GIFs get impressive results on Twitter.

Posting GIFs on Twitter and Facebook is simple and easy. Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll become a GIF pro in no time at all, afterwards you might even consider making your very own GIF!

How to post a GIF to Twitter:

1. Choose a GIF

Visit and search for a GIF. When you’re happy with the one you’ve selected you need to save it to your computer.

2. Log into Twitter

Sign into your Twitter account and write your tweet.

3. Upload & Tweet

How to add a GIF to Twitter

You upload a GIF the same way you would with an image. When you’re ready press on ‘add photo’ then find where you saved the GIF, select it, click on ‘choose’ and then ‘tweet’.


Alternatively if you wish to use one of the GIFs available on Twitter:

1. Simply go to compose a new tweet

2. Press on the ‘GIF’ button

How to upload a GIF to Twitter

3. You can then browse through the different categories or manually begin your search for the GIF you’re looking for!

How to upload a GIF to Facebook:

1. Firstly find a GIF you like on a GIF website such as

2. Next to your chosen GIF, look to the right hand side and press on the option which says ‘copy link’ and select the short link

3. Sign into your Facebook account > News feed > then paste the link as you normally would by either right clicking or pressing ‘CTRL’ and ‘V’. Wait a brief moment and your GIF will appear ready for you to upload.

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