How to Speed up your Internet

We understand a lot of people struggle with their internet speeds. Especially when it’s busier than usual, such as over Easter and Christmas.

You can check your current internet speed by simply using this quick test: You will also be able to see what speeds are like in your area, and whether it is a problem that only you are having.

This makes it easy to check if there are better broadband deals around for your area. Before contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or switching provider, its worth trying a couple of things at home first.

Quick ways to speed up your internet

1.    Reset your router

It’s the old IT classic fix for many problems. Honestly though, try turning it off and on again.

2.    Make sure your connection is secure / prevent unauthorised access

You’d be surprised just how many people forget to set their broadband up without a password on it, to stop people piggybacking off of their connection. Have a look at your router manual or phone your ISP.

So at the very least set up a WEP password to stop unauthorised users from using your Internet connection. Or if your hardware is compatible set up WPA/2 encryption.

3. Use a Faster Internet Browser

Try using a new Internet browser like Google Chrome or Firefox

4. Upgrade your router 

If you have a router that’s over 3 years old its very likely that it doesn’t support the fastest speed available from your local exchange. Call your ISP and see if they will send you one for free, they often do if you renew your contract!

5.    Perform basic PC maintenance

Try defragging your computer and using disckcleanup. To get started on these click on ‘Start’ and then go to ‘All Programs>Accessories>System Tools.’

You should find your computer runs a bit better after this step too.

6. Ditch Wireless and plug in using ethernet

In some cases where wireless just isn’t working, we’d advise plugging into your router using an Ethernet cable as it is more efficient than a USB.

7. Change DNS Servers to Google

There are too many routers to give specific advice on. However on most routers you can easily configure the default DNS servers to / This has helped a lot of our customers.

Your best bet is to read the routers instruction manual or give us a call for more specific advice.

Failing all else, look at what other deal internet providers are offering and see if you’re eligible for a fibre connection.

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