How to Send Large Files to Someone Over the Internet

how to send large files online

Sending large files from your computer to another user on the Internet has been problematic for almost as long as the Internet has been around. E-mailing a file is a quick and easy way to get something from point “A” to point “B,” but most e-mail providers set the limit on how large files can be at around 25 megabytes. As a result, a variety of different options have appeared in recent years aimed to address this problem and make the transferring of information easier than ever before.

Use Fileswap. FileSwap is a free file hosting and cloud storage site available to all Internet users. You can also upgrade to a paid “Premium” account for additional storage. Load the main FileSwap page into your browser and drag the file you want to share into the box on screen labeled “Drag and Drop Files Here.” Check the button labeled “I Agree” to upload the files to the FileSwap service. You will be provided with hyperlinks that you can give out to people who want the files in question.

Use offers both a free and unlimited amount of online storage for all users. Select the file from your hard drive using the main Filehosting page. Specify your e-mail address into the box provided. Once your file has been uploaded to the service, you will be e-mailed with a link that others can use to download the files in question. Click the box labeled “I Agree” and click the button labeled “Upload Now” to upload your large files to the Internet.

Use BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a great way to transfer files without actually storing those files online. Create a new torrent using your BitTorrent client of choice. Attach that torrent to an e-mail and send the message to anyone you want to give the file to. These people can then load that torrent into their own BitTorrent clients and download the files directly from your computer to theirs. Note that this requires you to be online for the duration of the file download.

Use MediaFire. MediaFire is a free cloud storage service that is available in free, business and professional accounts. Go to the main MediaFire page and click the green button labeled “Sign Up.” Use the interface that appears to sign up for your account. Once created, you will be automatically signed into your account and can automatically start uploading files at your leisure.

Use File Factory. File Factory is a service that allows all free users to have 500 gigabytes of online storage space. You can choose to upload a file directly from your computer’s hard drive, upload a file using a remote desktop connection from another machine altogether or upload a file from your own FTP service. Click the appropriate button at the top of the File Factory page that meets your needs and follow the directions on screen to upload your large file from its current location and onto the Internet. Anyone you’d like will then be able to download and access the file on their own machines using the provided hyperlink.

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