How to Print From Your iPad

Is there an email on your iPad you’d like to print? Have you created a document in Pages and need a hard copy? Then you’re in luck: your iPad supports printing to AirPrint-enabled printers from selected apps. To find out if your printer qualifies, review its specs or check out the support section of the Apple website.

Not every app is capable of printing, but the preloaded ones that are include Mail, Photos, and Safari. Downloadable apps designed for printing include Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iBooks (for PDFs only). As long as your AirPrint printer and your iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you should be able to print from these apps.

To do so, open the desired file on your iPad and select “Print” from the menu options. You can generally find this option by tapping the arrow or wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner. (In Safari, it’s located just to the left of the address bar.) You can then specify the number of copies desired and identify the printer to be used.

If no printer is listed, confirm that your printer is AirPrint-enabled, turned on, and discoverable on the network. You may need to perform an initial set-up, after which the printer should work every time. Consult your documentation for more instructions.

Depending on the app and the printer, other options may also be available, such as double-sided printing or printing a specific range of pages. When all the available options are set to your preference, tap on “Print” and wait for the printer to do its job.

The print feature on your iPad allows you the freedom to print without requiring a desktop or notebook computer as an intermediary. Ultimately, it can make you more productive with much less hassle.

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Jim Harmsworth Cowles

If you want to print to non-Air Print enabled printers (which is probably most of them at the moment) you should give ecamm’s nifty Printopia a go… install it on a Mac, assign the printer(s) you want (including Send to Mac and Send to Dropbox options) and away you go. Only downside is the Mac you install it on needs to be on when you want to print… other than that, it’s a great app and works with any Air Print capable iOS device…


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