How to Find Out Your Computer’s True Internet Speed

Test Internet Connection SpeedThe speed of your computer’s Internet connection actually refers to two separate numbers. The first is an upload speed, which relates to your computer’s ability to send information over your Internet connection. The second is your computer’s download speed, which refers to your computer’s ability to receive information from the Internet. Consumers typically pay for a specific upload and download speed when receiving an Internet connection from their Internet service provider. You can find out the true upload and download speed of your computer quickly and easily by using a very specific website.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser of choice and navigate to the website. Speedtest is a site specifically designed to give you an updated and accurate indication of how fast your Internet connection is capable of going. The site will also put all of this information into context based on things like your location and Internet service provider.

Step 2

Turn off all devices and shut down all programs that might be drawing bandwidth away from your network. For the most accurate results possible the only thing that should be using your Internet connection is your Internet browser. Close all other tabs within the browser and shut down all programs that use the Internet before continuing.

Step 3

Click the green button at the top of the page labeled “Begin Test.” The Speedtest site will start the test by sending a packet of information from your computer to a remote server elsewhere in the country. The server will then send that packet of information back to your computer. The site will measure the precise time it takes for that packet to both reach its destination and return to its origin to arrive at your Internet speed.

Step 4

Wait a few seconds for the results of the test to appear in your browser. Both your upload speed and your download speed will be measured in megabytes per second and will be displayed in your main browser window.

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