How to Email Large Files

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Popular email servers don’t allow you to send large files. Hotmail’s file limit is 50MB, Gmail’s is 25MB and Outlook’s is a mere 5MB. If you have a large file or a large collection of items to send, have no fear!

TransferBigFiles is a simple service that allows you to send up to 50 files, with a limit of 100MB.


All you have to do is choose your file(s) to upload, enter the email recipient(s) and click ‘Send Now!’. The recipient will receive the email almost instantly. It is recommended that you notify the person/people you’re sending the file(s) before you send the email – the sender will appear as ‘’, which could ring some alarm bells.

If you want to send even bigger files, there’s DropSend, with a limit of 2GB. The service also allows you to input a sender and an optional subject/message.

Never worry about large email attachments again!

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