How to create a signature in Outlook

Having a default signature means that you can send emails without having to worry about how to sign off.  It looks professional, saves a lot of time and effort and means you can focus on the body of the email. Here’s how to create a signature in Outlook.

 Step 1:

Go to File and select Options

Step 2:

Go to the Mail tab on the left-hand side and, under the ‘Compose messages’ section, go to ‘Signatures…’

Outlook Signatures

Step 3:

Click on ‘New’ and create a new name for your signature.

 Step 4:

Now use the editor to create your signature. You can add text as well as images and hyperlinks.

Outlook Signatures

Step 5:

Set your new signature as a default in the ‘Choose default signature’ section by selecting the email address and setting the signature to by sent with each message, reply or forward.

Step 6:

Press OK and, hey presto! You have a default email signature!

Next week, we’ll teach you how to create signatures for multiple reasons across multiple accounts!

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