How to Connect Your iPad to an HDTV

Apple’s iPad 2 and iPad 3 devices include unique support for connectivity with high definition television sets. If you want to watch a movie stored on your iPad but don’t have a copy on DVD or Blu-ray, you can just connect your device to your HDTV through the use of a very special cable. As an added bonus, your entire “Home” screen and all the icons contained on it will also appear on the television screen. Connecting your iPad to an HDTV is also great if you’re giving a multimedia presentation, viewing a photo slideshow and in other situations.

 Step 1

Purchase an official or third party digital AV adapter designed for Apple’s iPad. One end of the adapter looks like a regular Apple USB charging cable and is designed to plug directly into the bottom of an iPad. The opposite end looks like a standard HDMI cable and is designed to plug directly into an HDTV. The official Apple digital AV adapter retails at £30 but can often be found for much cheaper.

Step 2

Plug one end of your digital AV adapter into the bottom of your iPad. Plug the other end into any HDMI input on your HDTV set. Turn on your HDTV and press the “Input” button on the remote control until the “HDMI” input is selected. Your HDTV will need to be tuned to this input to see images from your iPad via the cable.

Step 3

Turn on your iPad and tap the “Videos” application. Scroll through the list of content stored on your iPad until you find the video you want to watch. Tap the video to play it. The video will begin to play on both your HDTV and your iPad’s screen. You can turn off the iPad’s screen and the video will continue to play on your TV. You can control the playback and volume of the video through the controls on the front of your iPad.

Step 4

Use the “Photos” application to view photos on your HDTV via the digital cable adapter. Just like you would select a video to play, tap on a photo in the “Photos” app to view it on your HDTV screen.

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