How to Clean a Touch Screen

In a world where touch-screen technology reigns supreme, it’s important to keep your devices clean – they’ll last a lot longer, and look a lot better! Here’s how to clean those annoying smudges away from your touch screen.

Microfibre cloths are the best things to use here. Some devices come with cloths included, but you can also use cloths you get with glasses/sunglasses. You can even buy them in most supermarkets nowadays.

To remove simple smudges, wipe the screen in small circles using the microfibre cloth. If the dirt build-up is stubborn, wet a cotton cloth with clean water and wipe. When you’ve finished, give it a once-over with the microfibre cloth and you’re good to go!

It may seem like simple advice, but many people prefer a quick-fix and use their clothing or other materials to clean their touch screens. The rough fibres can damage the screens, so don’t take the risk. Take the time to clean your screen properly and thoroughly. You won’t regret it.

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