How technology offers small businesses the opportunity to grow

Technology has advanced at an exponential rate over the past decade alone. And, if businesses don’t adopt certain technologies, they run the risk of getting left behind. No matter the industry your business is in, these advancements can help boost not only your profits, but your efficiency too. But what industries are benefitting the most from these tech additions?


The hospitality industry is booming – and with more coffee shops, restaurants and pubs opening, there are a number of pieces of equipment and software that can take an establishment from average, to incredibly efficient in a heartbeat.

By bringing in technologies such as iPads, electronic food ordering systems and faster ticket printers, means the communication levels from front of house to the kitchen, can be improved twofold; thus offering a much more streamlined and quicker experience for the customer.


Today there are multiple software and mobile solutions that can help manage every single aspect of a construction project. From scheduling, project management and reporting, each solution can help streamline processes and increase productivity. With most software and programme being cloud based, this allows persons on the project to update documents, schedules and other important information, no matter whether they’re on site or in head office.


Technology does not only aid the large manufacturers of cars, lorries and other vehicles with robotics and such; there are other areas of tech that can help smaller automotive businesses too.

For example if you own your own a car garage, repair or MOT business, you could benefit from body shop management software. These innovative programmes can help smaller companies manage the day-to-day of running their shop in a more efficient way, thus allowing for more vehicles to be worked on, increasing profits. The right software will keep all of your financial documentation in one place and reduce a lot of unnecessary admin, which is time you could be spending working on customers vehicles.

What improvements can businesses expect

Thinking above and beyond just the profit implications of introducing new technologies to your business – many can also expect to see their customer service improve too. Not only will technology allow your employees to have a more streamlined way of working, retail businesses and companies with customer service departments, will have all the tools they need, all in one, accessible place, to be able to help the consumer faster.

Adopt new technologies and watch your business improve.

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